At its core, the Daughters of the American Revolution is a service organization. Indian Peaks Chapter, NSDAR, carries out that mission by serving our community in the three primary areas. These are based on the core objectives of the national society – to preserve our history, to support education, and to promote patriotism.

Most DAR work is done at the grass-roots level by its chapters, and each chapter develops programs and initiatives that support national and state objectives and address the needs of a specific community. The primary way we do that is by transforming committees into strong teams to work together on their common interests. You can see some of our members in action in our photo gallery.


Although NSDAR has many committees to meet the specific interests of its members, Indian Peaks Chapter focuses on developing teams or groups of committees around broader interests that brought them to DAR in the beginning.

The Education Team

Whether you are interested in American history, conservation, or women’s issues, this team provides opportunities to work with like-minded people to support a variety of educational activities. From those who focus on ways to support DAR-sponsored schools in remote, underserved communities to those who focus on enhancing the experience of students who are challenged in our local classrooms, this team can teach American principles and offer a variety of awards to outstanding students.

The Genealogy Team

This group supports not only national initiatives, such as the indexing of DAR’s wealth of genealogical and historical records, but also chapter activities, by assisting in lineage research for new members and those who are interested in adding patriots to the DAR’s excellent Genealogical Records System. This group is ready to assist women who are interested in joining DAR.

The Historic Preservation Team

The focus of this group is to preserve elements which are significant to the history of our area. This group works to identify, document, and protect historic places, structures, events, and people in our area. This group also has unique opportunities to educate the local community about its history.

The Patriotism Team

This team is involved in a wide range of activities – from celebrating Constitution Week to greeting new citizens at naturalization ceremonies to recognizing and serving current and former military members and their families. This team also focuses on rewarding and teaching good citizenship.

The Community Service/Events Team

This team is organized around specific events, such as food drives, and the recognition of significant national, state, and local events, such as Memorial Day or Veterans Day. It often provides the opportunity to collaborate with other teams in our chapter and other local organizations. It is the most immediate way in which we can meet specific community needs.

The Chapter Health Team

In collaboration with the executive board, this team works to attract and maintain an engaged membership, to provide programs of interest to the membership, and to support and recognize members for their achievements.

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